Startup-Buzz.com is an online platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. It is driven by a motto to cover and deliver the latest news, updates and information about Startup World in a concise manner. Led by professionals, we own vision to create a collective library of Startup relative content through our website. It is incepted just right at the time when India is witnessing changes in its entrepreneurial attitude-challenging the world with the motto” Anything is Possible”. Driven by the zeal and progressive vision of entrepreneurship, we created a platform to foster and capture the turning emotions in the history of the world. Start-Up Buzz – an aspiring team,  working hard to take the message of leaders across the world – ” igniting India” just as envisioned by APJ Abdul Kalam.

Our vision –   

Startup-buzz.com is not just limited to online media; but we also dream to deliver a bigger platform for aspiring and existing Entrepreneurs to come, discuss and collect information. Our motive is to collaborate and inspire Entrepreneurs through Startup-Buzz.com.

What is our Mission –

Provide meaningful content and creating a platform which inspires further development and networking with futurist people.  In trust for everyone’s development, we embark our journey as a platform for entrepreneurs.