Indian Govt. thinking about adopting the One Nation One Charger Policy

The One Nation One Charger Policy

The Indian Govt favors adopting a policy that could cut down electronic waste in India. The policy is ‘One Nation One Charger’.

Currently, we use different types of chargers in India, one for laptops, another for mobile, another for tablets, and another for wearables.

Under the new policy, the government is thinking about having only one universal charger that could charge all of these gadgets and devices.

Most of us might have 3-4 chargers lying in our homes that are not working. So these are electronic waste materials. India has a growing statistic when it comes to waste material generated.

In FY 2017, 22,700 tons of e-waste material were generated from India

And in FY21, the figure increased to 3,50,000 tons.

By adopting the new policy, e-waste can be reduced in India. Also, the cost of mobile phones can become a little less as manufacturers won’t have to pack a new charger along with the phone.

USB Type-C is the common charging port for all mobile devices, tablets, and even cameras.

Apple manufacturers might be impacted due to this as they are the only ones not using the Type C charging port currently.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and Vivo have all adapted to Type C charging ports.

This new policy is still under consideration. The government is forming committees’ to explore the possibility of universal chargers for mobile and all electronic portable devices.

They have also held a meeting regarding it with major stakeholders of the mobile industry.

The European Union has already signed an agreement favoring a common charging chord in June. India also seems to be following the example.

What do you think about this policy? Do you too agree or disagree? Write down your opinion below.

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