Please look at these points before you are going to buy your next new power bank

Before you are going to buy your next new power bank

Power banks are a necessity these days; especially when you are traveling too much and you need to keep your phones charged round the clock. In case, your phone battery becomes dead, and there are no charging points around, power banks come to your rescue. Before you buy your next new power bank, look at these below points just for your benefit:

1. Build quality

Take a power bank that has a good build quality. Avoid taking power banks of plastic because most of the power banks are heavy and in case it falls from your hand, they make get broken or damaged.

2. Charging port

Before you buy your power bank, see to it how many charging ports are there in the power bank. See the ports clearly from where your power bank is going to get charged and from which ports you are going to charge your gadgets. See to it you also have a connector.

3. Multiple device support

Please note that Android and iOS devices follow different voltage levels. Make sure first which device you want to charge and appropriately buy a suitable power bank. These days, there are power banks that support both Android and iPhone devices also (all in one).

4. Power Delivery

One more important thing to look out for in your new power bank is power delivery. The output of your power bank should be high because even if your power bank is of higher mAh if the output is less or average, your phone will charge slowly. Make sure your power bank has at least one port that gives 18 Watt power delivery so that you can enjoy the benefits of a fast charging experience.

5. Fast Charging

The input of your power bank should also be good so that your power bank gets charged quickly. Also, see that your power bank requires a new compatible charger or is able to charge with your existing charger.

6. Stand-up time

Also, look at the standup time of your new power bank. Make sure that your new power bank has good stand-up time so that it is available for charging even after days of not use, kept in the corner.

Sometimes, you don’t require a power bank. Take, for example, you are at home. And your power bank is in the bag. Next time, you go out traveling, it shouldn’t be that your power bank is battery dead. Good stand-up time allows your power bank to be functional even after days of no use.

7. Load detection

Also, you have to see that your power bank is able to detect a load of power supply to your phone. Once your phone is fully charged, your power bank should immediately auto cut off the power supply to your phone. It should not continuously keep providing power otherwise your phone will get spoilt.

8. Display Panel

Your power bank should also have a display panel or notification light so that it gives you a signal of how much battery is there in your power bank, and whether it needs to be charged or not.

9. Capacity

While buying a power bank, make sure that your buy power bank has three times the capacity of your smartphone battery. Imagine your smartphone has a battery of 3000 mAh, make sure you have a power bank of 10,000 mAh so that you can get more work done from your power bank.

10.  Brand

Also, make sure that you are buying a power bank from a well-reputed brand because good brands do their quality checks properly and you can also rely on them based on trust, compared to unknown new brands in the market.

If you have a wireless charging phone, you can take that type of power bank also.

Have you got all the points mentioned above? Do let us know in the comments:

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