Tata Harrier and Tata Safari are to be manufactured by an all-women team

Tata Motors Company has made an announcement recently that their flagship SUVs- the Tata Harrier and Tata Safari will be manufactured and assembled by an all-women staff. A team of 1500 professional women has been put into shape for the manufacturing of these SUVs. 

Tata Motors recently acquired Ford and will also have a female staff once it begins its operation in 2023. Ola Electric has also a women-only staff at one of its largest factories in the country. Both Tata Motors and Ola Electric have set a benchmark for themselves in breaking the barriers and stereotypes surrounding women in usually male-dominated jobs. Good to see that these companies are also providing equal opportunities to women. The Automotive industry now also has its key places run by women. 

MG Hector SUV which was recently launched also has its manufacturing plant in Vadodara all run by women. The women’s team was part of various departments right from panel-pressing, to welding, painting to a lot more. Some of the women staff were also involved in the post-production runs of the vehicle. These companies are not only promoting gender equality in the automotive sector but also trying to maintain gender parity among its workforce.

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