TWS earbuds’ origin and its current position in the market

TWS earbuds were first encouraged by Apple company in 2016 by introducing Airpods. They had removed the headphone jack from their iPhone7 and courageously introduced a new thing called ‘wireless Bluetooth earbuds. That is how TWS was born (True Wireless Stereo). Later in 2019, Apple came up with a new edition of Airpods, The Airpods Pro with few new specifications and they have been ruling the market with their best active noise cancellation feature in the world. Apple also launched the second generation of Airpods Pro as it started witnessing competition in the TWS space with much more specifications. The Samsung company joined the race. Google company too jumped in. Newcomers like Nothing and Oppo, Oneplus brands also can reach a market valuation of 143.41 Billion USD by 2029, as per a recent estimate by Fortune Business Insights.

Wireless audio products like TWS earbuds have different price ranges in India based on their features and specifications. Like the above 10,000 costs TWS earbuds, we see people preferring based on their budget and looking at more specifications like better noise cancellation features, etc, especially when in the TWS segment. Indian OEMs like Boat and Noise also made a strong entry into the TWS market. They have been the go-to choice for customers, especially with a limited budget.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds started getting more popular after the lockdown especially when the world was shifting to a more online experience. The workplace was moving online. The online conference meetings all took place within the comfort of their homes. Theatres became inoperative. Movies started getting released on OTT platforms. And people started looking out for options for a better sound experience and people started preferring TWS earbuds as a new alternative. People started making the shift from a wired audio experience to a wireless transition. The Wireless market started getting steam in places all over the world. Places like North America started becoming the most popular places for the wireless audio segment. Then came places like Europe followed by the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, and then South America. As we see in India the wireless audio device market is booming. Overall, globally the wireless audio device market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1 percent and is going with companies like Apple and Sennheiser. Under 2000-3000 cost, TWS earbuds are preferred mainly by the less budget population of India who too wants to join in the TWS space with companies like boAt, Oppo, and even Realme. They too have their own specifications based on the budget allotments. Fast charging, design, weight, sound quality, call quality, Bluetooth facility, Battery life, case, etc. are all the features looked into before buying a brand new TWS earbud piece.

Brandworks Technologies, our company also has offerings in the TWS space. Our company is an OEM company. We have TWS products in our offerings with various features like good battery backup, sound quality, Type-C charging port, good quality charging case, and a lot more.

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