Why should you work with an OEM like Brandworks for manufacturing?

Benefits of Collaborating with OEM – BrandWorks

Brandworks Technology as you know is into the manufacturing of power banks, chargers, USBs, and other mobile accessories. We are an OEM company which means we manufacture our products right from scratch. Some of the leading mobile companies in India partner with us when it comes to manufacturing their mobile accessories. We can get it done for your company too.

What makes us OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) different from the Aftermarket imitators available in the market?


Just like I said above, we manufacture original products for the company giving our best in terms of quality. On the other hand, what do these Aftermarket imitators do? Imagine our originally manufactured power bank charger is put out into the market for sale, these aftermarket imitators make a copy of our product with their branding, make a little compromise on quality and make the product a little cheap or sometimes even expensive.

So now you only tell me should prefer an OEM for manufacturing or an after-market imitator when it comes to quality?

Spare part availability

The next point I would say is that if you manufacture with an OEM, you get the spare parts also available easily, in case you need to replace some parts with another one after years of use (overuse). Take, for example, a power bank battery. Our product’s power bank battery is available with us in stock. You can easily get it from us faster than an aftermarket imitator because these imitators have limited stock because there is less demand for their products. They manufacture only limited stock looking at the demand and supply.

Access to the manufacturing team

One more critical point is working with an OEM can get you access to the original team engineers who are into manufacturing. You can discuss your ideas with them, get little customization into your product, and manufacture it. Also, the quality support that you receive after delivery is an added advantage.

Fast manufacture and delivery

Working with an OEM can also help you get your products manufactured faster compared to an aftermarket imitator. Whenever we get an order, we manufacture our products quickly and send them for dispatch. We have all the required raw materials ready for manufacture. We are ready for anytime order. On the other hand, an aftermarket imitator if he gets an order, will take time to manufacture your product because he wasn’t prepared for your order. He will require little time to arrange for the raw materials, resources, etc., and will get you a little delayed when it comes to delivery.

After-sales service

OEM manufacturers can also give you after-sales service compared to an imitator because dealing with our products is an everyday job for us. We are constantly in the process of looking into issues faced by our customers and continuously improving our products. We help our products get better and better every day with the suggestions of our customers.

Reasonable price

OEM manufacturers can also provide you with products at a reasonable price because production is done in-house. There is no outsourcing. You can get products a little cheaper also if you order in bulk.

Durable products

OEM products last longer than an imitated copy. Products manufactured by OEMs can last for years without getting spoiled, whereas imitated products can get spoiled even after some time of use. OEM products are more durable. They last long.

OEM companies can also give you a guarantee or warranty for your product, which an aftermarket imitator may fail to provide.

Have you looked at all the above benefits of manufacturing with an OEM? 

Brandworks Technology is here at your service, to get the best quality mobile accessories for your company. We are currently manufacturing power banks, USBs, chargers, and neckbands. We have clients like boAt, iball, pebble, Ubon, and 22 companies on board with us. We are a made-in-India company. We manufacture our products in-house. We have our big manufacturing units in Vasai (Mumbai).

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